DC motor control (reverse engineering that old toy pt.2)

Since I had the electronics worked out the last time it was now time take this thing one step further and add some control to it. I first made sure the software in the Arduino controlling the DC motors was able to listen to its serial port for incomming commands and afterwards control the motors according to the command that it received. I made sure I had a second Arduino board available and by using XBee modules I could now send commands from my pc wireless over the ZigBee network to my remote Arduino controlling the DC motors.

Next I found myself a XBOX 360 controller and because it has dual joysticks it can control both DC motors, one joystick for each motor. This one I hooked up to my laptop and next I wrote a small interfacing program in Java that translates the XBOX360 code into commands that are being accepted by my Arduino program controlling the motors.

The result: