Java benchmarking

Raspberry-Pi is compact and has aside of that other benefits which makes it a really cool tool to play around with. Unfortunately the processing power is limited compared to current day computers and so I hit the performance limit pretty early. But it seems now that Oracle has released a pre-release test version of Java 8 which comes with ARM performance tweaks. And so I was very curious to check out the differences between all Java versions I’ve been using past few months. I used Hwbot Prime to test the difference in computational power between OpenJDK6, OpenJDK7 and Oracle’s JDK8 (pre-release). Here are the results:

java benchmarking

As you can see from the above chart, there is nearly no difference in using OpenJDK 6 or 7, but because of the ARM tweaks found in JDK 8 from Oracle we see a huge performance boost there, roughly 2,5 times higher performance. Off course these results should be taken with a grain of salt. This is a pure computational test, this will not say anything about process threading, MySQL performance or IO performance.. But it’s a nice indication that things are getting better.