Migrating to the Raspberry-Pi

As expected, migrating from a x86-64 Windows environment to the ARM Raspbian environment isn’t going as easily as copy-paste the code…
… no, there were:
– java code conversions
– git versioning problems
– database access problems
– Serial bus (UART) detection problems
– software deployment problems
– and off course local network problems (because I didn’t had these yet…)

But, we’re getting closer!


Raspberry-Pi running an IO-service which saves data from remote sensors in a local database


system architecture

Below I’ve added a quick drawing which shows you more or less the current status of the project. At this moment I’m still running on Windows but I received the Raspberry-Pi last week so we can soon start with porting all the code to the Raspbian operating system. That I can hopefully start with next week, so far the administrative website can display IO data that has been stored in the MySQL database but my next goal is to let the individual services talk to each other so that the admin can send XBee commands from the admin website. That will be the goal for this week.