Huawei G525

Although I’ve tried to avoid smartphones, as IT’er and programmer I found it however a necessity to own a type of smartphone, just for the hence of owning the technology and better understanding what benefits it may have. And so I got the Huawei Ascend G525. The phone is okay for the price, battery life is not super but when you create a “Dumphone” profile it can easily survive few days without recharging. However, I found it for example very useful to have GPS navigation on board, but unfortunately there was no phone dock available where I got my phone and so I quickly got to the idea to make one myself using 3D printing. I’ve never tried 3D printing myself so it’s a good practice, but it does not necessarily mean it’s going to be cheaper or better. In the end it does in what it needs to do, it costed me about 20€ and I very much liked the concept of just drawing something that can be of good use. Here is the result: