Java 8 benchmarking on ARM and x86

In a previous test I saw already that Java 8 might bring some big improvements for ARM devices compared with previous Java versions. Now with newer versions available for both Java 7 and 8 I found it useful to redo these test and check if the same performance gain applies for x86 machines. Here are the results:



On ARM devices we can see that the newer builds for both Java 7 (OpenJDK) and 8 (Oracle) do not bring more performance compared to previous Java builds. On the other hand it confirms once again that Java 8 has some nice performance tweaks on board and lets hope these tweaks also find their way in the release build.

For x86 (32-bit) however there is no difference in performance when using Java 8. However, code-wise, Java 8 off course brings some new features, but that’s not the focus of these tests.


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