not the end…

And so I finished my education, I passed the project with a very good mark and soon I’ll be looking for jobs, but first I need a little bit more vacation. Actually I have been travelling for almost a month already now, in Portugal and France… In Portugal we had some good bye parties, we visit the places in Porto we liked the most, had dinner all together… Next I made a trip with tents together with who’s left in our house. We went all the way to the first Alentejo beaches south of Lisboa. Alentejo is the area in between Lisboa and Faro which is in the south of Portugal. Alentejo is known for its wine grapes, it also has some nice less known beaches and off course it can get very hot there (we had up to 43°C !! ). Next I had to leave my room as the contract was expired but already the next day we left again to the beautiful island of Madeira. Madeira is an island south of Portugal, more or less as south as Casablanca (Morocco) is, but still part of the country Portugal. Madeira is an volcanic island but its volcanic activity has stopped for centuries now. The island is actually only the top of the island, the volcanic ‘cone’ continues 6km under sea level until it reaches the ocean bottom. Madeira is very different in landscape. Even with its small surface area its highest point is 1.8km high, and the steep mountains that characterize the island creates unique environments and micro climates. In the north you’ll see some tropic forest, in the middle of the island there is the volcanic mountains which have needle trees on the way to the top. The south of the island is more like inland Portugal while some places east of the island are really dry and have nearly no trees or vegetation at all. Madeira is really beautiful to do some hiking, it also comes with some natural swimming pools for whoever wants to chill down a little bit after hiking, and in some places once can go surfing or scuba diving or make a boat trip to the next island nearby (that has a really nice beach so I have been told). Madeira also has some typical food and drinks, for example Madeira wine and the Lapas seafood. I really enjoyed this place and arriving at the Pico do Arieiro (the top of the island) the last day of this trip was really a perfect way to end the Erasmus.

This however means not that this is the end of this blog. I’ll try to experiment more with the current code and post my findings here, however don’t expect the same update rate from the past few months as development is now pushed to my free time…

Before I go, a nice shot taken on the Madeira island (not by me):


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