food, food, food… and drinks!

More (Portuguese) food and drinks!

For starters, nearly every confeitaria (and there are a lot in Porto) has these Pastel De Nata:

Very sweet and very good! Also Bifana is popular kind of dish. It’s more or less like a dry hamburger where sometimes the meat is kinda chopped:

The next dish is very popular here in Porto, I’m not sure it is because of its taste (because it’s not THAT good) or because it is just fills very well. It’s called Francesinha and looks for me like a deluxe Croque Monsieur

The next one we all know, it’s the famous Port wine which I really started to appreciate while living here in Porto:

The next drink is not the best but for me is a good replacement licor for making Tiramisu. The drink is called Amêndoa or Licor de Amêndoa:


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