South Portugal: Algarve and its beaches

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Do I need to say more? Algarve and the south of Portugal really has a nice collection of picture-perfect beaches like for example the one in the image above. Even though the weather wasn’t all that great, it was good enough to enjoy the swimming and get some sunburn. But while the coast scenery is so great one must also say that the place is VERY touristic. Albufeira for example is full of English bars and Irish pubs! You won’t find pastelarias e confeitarias there, instead you’ll have to enjoy a big English breakfast (we actually ended up going to the supermarket…). We also noticed that Algarve has a large collection of resorts, with some of them being as big as a small town! No shitty and abandoned houses there, only nice green grass, perfect houses, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, good dressed people and expensive food. Okay, I might have enjoyed the sauna, and it’s nice to see some off the luxury, but actually I don’t like it as it is all very fake. It’s not Portugal at all, it’s something artificial. People that go to Algarve and say they’ve been in Portugal, well, try some other cities up north and wake up…

So, although I liked the trip, I’m stuck with a double feeling because Portugal is actually much different (and poorer) than the resorts will let you believe. But if you really like to see it once I’d say go there but know that it’s very touristic. Oh, and try the local dish caled Cataplana, it’s very good at some places.

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