XBee data collecting

So, before I take a few days of vacation to explore the city with some of my friends, a few words about my XBee project. Last week I made a XBee API coordinator node which collected IO sampels from remote XBee devices in AT mode. The analog data was generated by connecting a potentiometer to the AD0 port, with one end tied to Vcc (3.3V) and the other end to ground. Afterwards I collected all the data in a imaginary database by writing all data into a textfile. Data packages I save in the ‘database’ look more or less like this:

4-apr-2013 16:11:43#0008#ZNET_IO_SAMPLE_RESPONSE#0x40,0x2e#0x00,0x13,0xa2,0x00,0x40,0x79,0x5a,0xff#

Last week I also set up a TomCat webserver on which I’m running a .JSP website. When requesting the web page I’m at this moment reading from the text file that is used as database, and afterwards I sort all data in a Treemap<String, TreeSet>. Then, I use the RGraph library which shows the analog sample in a nice interactive graph. A dropdown list lets you select the data from each individual network node, as you can see from the picture below:



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