Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês

It takes only a 2 hour drive from Porto to reach the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês, one of Portugal’s nicest places to spend some time in nature. I’m not quite used to living in a city like Porto so for me being away from the busy traffic and carbon dioxide exhaust gasses was really a refreshment. Badly enough we had a lot of rain and the place we stayed at during the night was muito muito frio! Anyway, the park itself is really, really nice and highly recommended for every Erasmus student in Porto. You can either explore it by food but even by car you can catch quite a lot of the park’s treasures (although spending some time in nature and driving a car are more or less the opposite of each other).  The park is rich of natural waterfalls, woods and trees and rocks at the higher altitudes and it is close to the Spanish border (actually the park continues into Spain) so if you never been to Spain either this might be a first time. Though, I prefer the Portuguese part of the park as it seems that nature is left more untouched there.

Viva Porto 011

We also passed the city of Braga and Alveiro (which people call the Venice of Portugal) both when you’ve been in Porto both cities don’t have much more to add. And we also took a lot of rain there so being outside in general was not so good of an idea last week. We also shot a ‘where is Geoffrey’ photo, can you spot him?

Viva Porto 021


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