The song of the sun – la canzone del sole

‘La canzone del sole’… yesterday another bunch of Italians arrived at Bragas house (or Bragas as we call it) and it seems that aside of studying Architectura (most Italians I met so far do so, for real!) they’re also quit found on sitting together with the whole group and singing classic Italian songs. Okay, I don’t want to start any clichés here but it is mostly the Italians that ‘tocam na guitarra’, or play on the guitar as you would say in English. But I like it, they’re nice people and I’m learning some Italian too! The following song is one that always seem to come back though, I’ve never heard it before and probable neither do you (if you’re not from Italy at least), but take a few minutes and try to image how it would sound like with 10 people and one guitar player. La Canzone Del Sole by Lucio Battisti:


Oh, and by the way: Berc’hed, happy birthday! beijinhos!



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