Early XBee tests

And so I received some tools to play around with: 3 XBee modules + breakout board, 2 breadboards and 2 Arduino Uno micro-controller boards. I didn’t get enough electrical wires yet to put all at good use, but as far now I’m only trying some basic configuration commands with only one XBee module. You can see the setup below: 3,3V and GND supply voltages are taken from the Arduino board while Arduino’s pin 0 (RX) is connected to XBee’s RX pin and Arduino’s pin 1 (TX) is connected to XBee’s TX pin. This way we can use the Arduino board as a USB to RS232 converter (straight connection), if you would use Arduino in the normal way you would have to make cross connections.


To talk to the XBee module I first tried Putty and Digi’s X-CTU software, afterwards I wrote my own Java software to send commands and receive data through a console application. So far everything seems to be going great, let’s hope we can keep on going like this.


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