Live report from the bed: sickness in Bragas house!

“Live report from the Bragas house: at least 2 or 3 have been reported sick in the last 2 weeks!”

Jup, and I had to join them so it seems because I’ve been in the bed for 3 days now. This means no research, no party and no doing sports but only exploring every single inch of my bedroom. Not exactly the most exciting time of my Erasmus but maybe it’s better to deal with it now than missing one of the surf lesson I subscribed for in the following few weeks. Ow, and I also finished my first film roll last weeks so I hope to have some pictures by the end of the week, at least if I can get rid of that nasty fever. Film roll? Uhu, no digital pictures for me this time. The battery of my Sony dsc f828 digital camera gave up just before I came to Porto. But I knew I still had this old Canon AT-1 camera laying around somewhere so I thought to myself: “Is there any better moment to learn analog photography, really?”.


And without getting too fanatically about this camera: it’s more advanced than you would think it is: it has an electronic shutter, a light intensity meter which guides you when selecting the shutter speed and aperture of the lens, and it also features a auto-release function which allows you to make self-portraits, I should definitely try to check that out! 😉 Off course there also the possibility to select the shutter release time: from, well I don’t know exactly, but it’s a very short time, until: forever. So yes, you have manual shutter functionality just to take these long exposure pictures of the city by night. Sharpness and aperture can be set through the lens and the ISO value that some of you may have stumbled upon on your own digital camera is actually a way of defining the sensitivity of the film roll you choose.

But enough of this, read the manual if you want to learn more, it’s a great camera and it has the charm of analog photography: you have only few photos you can take with one film roll so better do it good, plus you will only know the result afterwards. It’s actually quite funny how people already are so used to digital photography. The first thing they do when taking a picture with this camera is looking at the back how the picture looks like: there is nothing there!

So, pictures soon, unless I did it all wrong, Xau!


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